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Sometimes it is impossible to get all parties involved in a dispute to come together for a constructive conversation. But this does not need to be the end of a conflict resolution process.

In conflict coaching a coach and client meet to develop the clients’ understanding of the conflict situation, to prepare for interactions with other stakeholders, to devise constructive interaction strategies, and to practice conflict resolution and communication skills. It involves meetings (face-to-face or online) between client and coach in which different aspects of the conflict are discussed in a confidential space and in which the client (with the help of a coach) can make plans and brainstorm strategies on how to constructively deal with the situation.

This enables the client to develop confidence and plan and prepare for negotiations and other potentially difficult interactions. It also helps the client to reflect on and improve their own conflict behavior and to better understand their needs and concerns. Conflict coaching helps to develop empathy and skills for self-resolution.

I am happy to answer your questions on how conflict coaching can assist you.