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“Dialogue is a process of genuine interaction through which human beings listen to each other deeply enough to be changed by what they learn. No participant gives up her or his identity but each recognises enough of each other’s valid human claims that he or she will act differently toward the other.”

Harold Saunders, 1999

As a facilitator I assist in decision-making and problem-solving for teams, groups and organisations. I work with my clients to define goals and objectives and to identify possible obstacles to effective group work. I then develop a tailored approach to achieve the objectives and to facilitate the process.

Groups come together to solve problems and create workflows that are too complex for individuals alone. Building and improving relationships and teamwork are paramount for achieving these goals. That is why I focus on building better relationships between group members so that they can succeed in their joint goals.

Relationships can only flourish if individuals respect each others’ world views and collaborate across differences. When people are excited about learning from and about each other and about sharing their unique experiences, then groups can develop effective action plans and implement creative project ideas. This is captured in my dialogical approach to facilitation which creates safe and comfortable learning spaces for groups members to learn about each other’s views.

I use innovative methods such as Creative Dialogue & Design (CDD), World Café Conversations, Open Space Technology, Narrative Community Practice and creative techniques including Role Playing, Forum Theatre and Body Sculptures to assist groups and individuals to gain a better understanding of complex situations and to build networks with others to effectively manage problems. I also help with documenting the outcomes of discussions and communication with other stakeholders.

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